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After being 20 years the biggest producer of Flying Filter Tips, in 2015
we have introduced Flying Papers Brown & Flying Papers White in several countries.

Flying Papers Brown & Flying Papers White stand for the same quality as other big brands, like Smoking, OCB, RAW or Rizla but at almost Half Price.

All our Flying Papers are in size SLIM, and made of extra fine, chloor-free paper.

Our Flying Cones are made from unbleached, High quality paper, and are the cheapest Brown Unbleached paper worldwide. Flying Papers Brown is offered to the public, shops and wholesalers at half price as other big brands.

In our shop you can buy our papers directly online with Paypal or credit/debit card and you’ll receive your orders in 48-72 hours. All prices in our shop are for the public with VAT.

If you are a retailer or wholesaler please contact us, for bigger quantities we give also big discounts.

Look for our Special Promotions, Games, Shows/Expo’s and Art movies.

king size slim brown
filter tips
king size slim white

Suit Yourself. Order or Win Some Goods.